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Celebrity Big Brother 4 [Jan. 17th, 2012|09:33 pm]
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Day 29, Having both received 42.9% of the public's vote, Jermaine Jackson and Nick Carter were the second and third evicted HGs from the game. Meanwhile, Naomi Judd became the fourth with 71.4% of the vote. All three of them left together and were interviewed in a group setting that included Julie Chen, Dick Donato, and Janelle Pierzina.
Day 30, After flying far under the radar, the Demi-God that is David Arquette rose to power and became the fifth Head of Household. He decided to go a semi-safe route by nominating Donny Osmond, and also nominated Raven-Symoné, saying she wasn't really bringing anything to the table as far as working with him.
Day 31, Raven kept her composure as Donny Osmond went absolutely batshit, accusing of everyone being against him. LaToya told him to calm down, because she was trying to process her brother's eviction. Donny screamed and said his sister was right next door, but "he couldn't see her at all!!!" Feeds were cut as the house delved into chaos.
Day 32, Aaron Carter, David Arquette, Donny Osmond, J-WOWW, Paula Deen, and Raven-Symoné played in the Power of Veto competition. Aaron Carter ended up winning it, and chose to veto Donny Osmond, thinking that it would give him some cred with the public, as well as keep tension in the house. In his place, David nominated Pat Sajak.
Day 33, Alexis Arquette tried to break down the door that lead into the vestibule. Eventually, she did. She then tried to get into the main house, but not before she was blasted to the ground by a huge fan. She began screaming really loudly and thrashing around before the feeds were cut. When they returned, she was back in the HND talking about how she was going to continue to break in. Wynonna then told her that David was in the house, and she lost it. Feeds were cut again.
Day 34, Nothing of importance.
Day 35, The HGs eagerly await the results...

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Pat Sajak

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