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Celebrity Big Brother 4 [Jan. 19th, 2012|10:03 am]
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Day 36, In one of the closest evictions of the season, Pat Sajak was re-evicted, this time officially, with 55.6% of the vote. Raven-Symoné actually started crying, looking in to the cameras and apologizing to the public for being so boring.
Day 37, After dominating in the Power of Veto competitions, Paula Deen rose to power as the sixth Head of Household. She nominated Aaron Carter, stating that he's had one too many chances due to twists to win the game, and David Arquette, as he was simply the outgoing HoH that got her pal Pat Sajak re-evicted.
Day 38, David and Paula hugged it out, saying there were no hard feelings. Meanwhile, Aaron Carter went batshit, saying he's lasted this long and he won't go out any time soon...especially not like his brother's ill-fated tenure.
Day 39, Aaron Carter, David Arquette, Donny Osmond, J-WOWW, Paula Deen, and Stephen Baldwin played in the Power of Veto competition. Donny Osmond won the power necklace and chose to veto David Arquette. In turn, Paula nominated Stephen Baldwin.
Day 40, Paula Deen was forced to nominate a third nominee, and noticing her prowess with the public, she figured that it might be entertaining to throw LaToya Jackson in the mix. Ms. Jackson proceeded to ball hysterically on live television.
Day 41, Meanwhile, Big Brother forced Alexis Arquette and Marie Osmond to be nominated for entrance into the main house, due to the fact that their brothers were still very much in the game.
Day 42, The HGs eagerly await the results...

Poll #1812204 Eviction #6
This poll is closed.

Who should be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house?

Aaron Carter
LaToya Jackson
Stephen Baldwin

Who should be evicted into the main house?

Alexis Arquette
Marie Osmond

Deadline: Friday @ 8:59pm EST

[User Picture]From: ohkabash
2012-01-19 10:30 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: flamingtoilet
2012-01-20 01:35 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: faceless_wonder
2012-01-20 05:42 am (UTC)
i miss you Pat Sajak!!!! :'(
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