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Celebrity Big Brother 4 [Jan. 22nd, 2012|09:07 pm]
Sparkle Palace



Day 43, It was announced that Aaron Carter was safe, having received no votes from the public whatsover, which made Paula Deen walk off into the bathroom to puke. She was so fast that the audio of her hurls made it on to live television. It was then revealed that LaToya Jackson was to be evicted, who instantly burst into tears, streaking her make-up. She ran to the bathroom and started a physical fight with Paula Deen, causing the feeds to be cut. Eventually she left the house to get interviewed.
Day 44, Alexis Arquette entered the main house, much to the surprise of everyone, including David. The two hugged and talked for hours. Instantly, they linked up with Aaron Carter and Raven-Symoné. Later that evening, David became HoH. He nominated Paula Deen and Stephen Baldwin for eviction.
Day 45, Paula began campaigning and trying to turn everyone against Stephen Baldwin. Stephen confronted her and called a house meeting. Everyone hashed it out, but it ended up that nobody wanted Paula nor Stephen to stay in the house.
Day 46, Aaron Carter, Alexis Arquette, David Arquette, J-WOWW, Paula Deen and Stephen Baldwin played in the Power of Veto competition. In an effort to make herself more of a Snooki in the house, instead of a Pauly D or The Situation (both failed miserably when they played Big Brother), J-WOWW stepped it up and won the Power of Veto. Shocking everyone, she chose to veto Stephen Baldwin. Flabbergasted, David nominated Donny Osmond in his place.
Day 47, Donny and Paula campaigned hard throughout the day. Paula told the cameras that she'd go on a tour and cook for America. Donny told the cameras that he'd go on a national tour. Alexis started laughing uncontrollably from a far, which upset him.
Day 48, Alexis accused J-WOWW of stirring the pot and the two had it out. She wanted to know why Stephen was vetoed, but J-WOWW danced around the topic. Eventually, the meeting got physical and weaves were pulled. Feeds were cut, and came back to Alexis flirting with Aaron Carter.
Day 49, The HGs eagerly await the results...

Poll #1813144 Eviction #7

Who should be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house?

Donny Osmond
Paula Deen

Deadline: Mondya @ 8:59pm EST