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Celebrity Big Brother 4 [Jan. 29th, 2012|02:16 pm]
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NOTE: Sorry about not updating this sooner, I just got really busy. xoxo

Day 57, On the 480th day of Aaron Carter's tenure in the Big Brother house, he was informed by Julie Chen that he had received 71.4% of the public's vote, and that once and for all, he was officially evicted from the game. But first! His time in the limelight was far from over. She instructed viewers to "stay tuned to CBS" for further information about that. Regardless, he exited the house and was greeted by loud cheers from the crowd. George Takei was in attendance at Aaron's interview, as well as his brother Nick.
Day 58, After last week's debacle, Raven Symoné rose to power as the ninth Head of Household. In an effort to show her loyalty to the Arquette's, she nominated J-WOWW and Stephen Baldwin for eviction.
Day 59, J-WOWW tried to remain silent and quietly campaigned to get help to stay. Meanwhile, Stephen went around and basically made fun of Raven for sticking with a known pair. Raven shot back with, "Well, I guess I should just keep you around then, because nobody likes you". To which Stephen nodded, smiled and left the room. Raven sulked off to her room and started crying.
Day 60, David Arquette won the Power of Veto and shockingly decided to veto Stephen Baldwin. Raven was furious, but only had a few moments to decide her next move. She said that she wanted to show the public that her word in the game was great and that she didn't have to delve to "unspeakable levels" to win the game. Raven nominate Donny Osmond in Stephen's place, sobbing uncontrollably. Stephen instantly shot up, screaming that this was the chance to break up Alexis/David. J-WOWW got in his face, saying she made the best personal move for her own sake. Donny Osmond tried to get inbetween everything was trampled. Meanwhile, Alexis was in the corner hilariously filing her nails as the chaos ensued... a clip that was shown numerous times on Tosh.0 and various other viral sites.
Day 61, Donny expressed that he was sick of being nominated. J-WOWW told him she felt like the public might vote her out, but he said that it was probably his time. Stephen Baldwin started smoking in Raven's room to piss her off. Everyone felt like Stephen should've been the one leaving this week, and David apologized over and over again to the house for vetoing him.
Day 62, Big Brother came over the loudspeaker and announced that Aaron Carter was currently en route to Fiji to compete in the first season of Celebrity Survivor. There, he will be the leader of the male tribe. But, who would lead the females? It was the house + the public's job to decide that. One by one, they entered the DIARY ROOM to cast their vote for either Marie Osmond or Wynonna Judd.
Day 63, The HGs eagerly await the results...

Poll #1814998 Eviction #9
This poll is closed.

Who should be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house?

Donny Osmond

Who should be sent to Fiji to be on Celebrity Survivor?

Marie Osmond
Wynonna Judd

Deadline: Tuesday @ 8:59pm EST

[User Picture]From: stacei
2012-02-01 05:17 am (UTC)
fuckrers, everyone loves donny,.
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