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Celebrity Big Brother 4 [Feb. 1st, 2012|06:01 pm]
Sparkle Palace



Day 64, It was as if the entire state of New Jersey, a whole slew of guidos, and the mindless viewers came out to vote. Oh, wait... they did! With 85.7% of the public's vote, the highest this season, Donny Osmond was sent packing. He was not allowed to talk to Marie, but he made his way outside and was interviewed by Julie Chen. Moments later, J-WOWW rose like a Phoenix to become the 10th Head of Household, guaranteeing herself a spot in the F4.
Day 65, During the Nomination Ceremony, J-WOWW was poised and spoke very candidly with her opinions of the remaining cast. She looked at Raven and called her a "cowardly little rat," she had only nice things to say about David, and said that Alexis was a "self-entitled hood rich bitch, and will definitely not win the hearts and minds of America"... and then nominated her. Turning on her heel with a hairflip, she looked at Stephen Baldwin, telling him that he was a "sloppy wreck of a man, and needs to clean his act up in more ways than one"... also nominating him.
Day 66, Tension was high in the house. The trio of Alexis/David/Raven played cards and other activities together, while J-WOWW and Stephen mostly kept to themselves in their own rooms.
Day 67, After an intense Endurance competition, it was revealed that David Arquette had won the golden necklace. Both nominees campaigned hard and fast, but all were absolutely floored to hear David's final decision. In the end, he chose to veto Stephen Baldwin, which in turn forced his own sister, Alexis, to be nominated for eviction.
Day 68, The shit hit the motherfucking fan. Leaving both of his alliance members up for eviction, David was horrendously tormented by both Alexis and Raven. J-WOWW giggled in delight as she escaped the war path. Both nominees went crazy, although Alexis was far my nuts than Raven, of course. Stephen Baldwin grinned with glee, announcing he had struck a deal with David Arquette weeks before. David denied this, simply stating that this was the best move for him to win. That he "wasn't playing for Alexis or Raven or anyone else" and he was "playing for himself, and himself only".

Alexis screamed, "BUT I'M YOUR SISTER, BITCHHHHHHH!" as she broke all of the dishes and vases in the house. To this he replied, "I didn't know you were going to be here. I've done the best I could. I love you, but I can't keep playing for two. Come back and play the game". After this fight, the girls made a pact that whoever is left would team up.
Day 69, It was revealed that Wynonna Judd would be heading the island to compete in Celebrity Survivor with Aaron Carter.
Day 70, The HGs eagerly await the results...

Poll #1815905 Eviction #10

Who should be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house?

Alexis Arquette
Raven Symoné

Deadline: Thursday @ 8:59pm EST