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Celebrity Big Brother 4 [Feb. 2nd, 2012|05:50 pm]
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Day 71, With 66.7% of the vote, Alexis Arquette tearfully got up from the couch, threw a glass of vodka all over her brother David, punched Stephen Baldwin in the face, and then was apprehended by Big Brother henchmen after the feeds were cut. Eventually, the show returned and she was joined on stage with her sisters, Patricia and Rosanna. There, Julie Chen told her that her tenure wasn't over just yet. After getting interviewed, Alexis re-entered the House Next Door where she would compete against Johnny Weir and Marie Osmond for a spot in the Celebrity Big Brother 5 house. She was allowed to do this, because as part of the twist of the season and making it to the F5, she inadvertantly granted herself this opportunity. The crowd had mixed reactions, but mostly postive, as they figured another contestant would move on in the same fashion as Aaron Carter did during Celebrity Big Brother 2.
Day 72, Alexis Arquette and the rest of the HND were allowed to watch the HoH competition, which ended with a victory for David Arquette. Alexis was visibly annoyed, but said it was a bittersweet triumph for her brother. J-WOWW instantly went into preservation mode, throwing both Raven and Stephen under the bus, despite having made a deal with Raven.
Day 73, David revealed his nominations, which were J-WOWW and Raven Symoné. They both expected this, and rekindled their pact to try and have at least one of them make the Final 3.
Day 74, J-WOWW won the Power of Veto and chose to veto herself, guaranteeing herself a spot in the F3 with David Arquette. By default, David was forced to nominate Stephen Baldwin. J-WOWW and Raven rejoiced by popping a bottle of champagne. Stephen, meanwhile, spent all night talking to the cameras aka the public.
Day 75, Over in the House Next Door, the three inhabitants started their competition to obtain immunity. Johnny Weir won the first round, followed by Marie Osmond winning the second round. Alexis Arquette balled her eyes out, because she didn't want to be officially re-evicted.
Day 76, The next day, Johnny Weir and Marie Osmond competed in an Endurance competition. Surprisingly, Marie went against all odds and won, securing her spot for another week. This left Alexis Arquette and Johnny Weir up for possible eviction.
Day 77, The HGs eagerly await the results...

Poll #1816254 Eviction #11
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Who should be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house?

Raven Symoné
Stephen Baldwin

Who should be evicted from the House Next Door?

Alexis Arquette
Johnny Weir

Deadline: Friday @ 8:59pm EST