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Celebrity Big Brother 4; Finale Pt. 1

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12 days later I finally post. I'm dreadfully sorry! What was I thinking? Bah. Okay, here it is... the moment you've all been waiting for...

Day 85, Rudely, the public decided with a 62.5% vote to kick out David Arquette. He was joined on stage for his interview with his sisters Patricia and Rosanna, his estranged wife Courteney Cox, his "Dancing With the Stars" partner Kym Johnson, and of course his daughter Coco.
Day 86, J-WOWW and Raven were awarded a special party for making it to the finals. They were allowed to each choose two former houseguests to join them. J-WOWW surprised everyone by choosing Courtney Stodden, stating that she figured the girl knew how to party (albeit only being 17 years old) and also Nick Carter, because she "wanted to possibly get laid". Raven chose to bring back David Arquette and Johnny Weir, saying she thought they were a fun time. Two hours later, Big Brother let all of the former evicted HGs (aside from Alexis and Marie, and obviously Aaron/Wynonna) to re-enter the main house for the party.
Day 87, The entire cast was still inside the house. It was revealed that the public had evicted Marie Osmond out of the House Next Door. Donny Osmond instantly started crying for whatever reason, while Big Brother instructed him to leave the house to join her on stage. The rest of the cast was allowed to stay another night.
Day 88, Alexis was allowed to enter the main house to mingle with everyone. Five minutes later, Big Brother ordered all of them to leave, aside from Alexis. She would be staying with J-WOWW and Raven until both of them left the house.
Day 89, The girls received a spa day.
Day 90, Big Brother dropped a box in the middle of the room. In it, it had three envelopes with a message inside it that read either HOH, POV, or NOMINEE. Whichever one was chosen by Alexis is what she'd instantly become at the start of the fifth season. J-WOWW drew HoH, which caused Alexis to scream "fuck!" on Live TV. Raven drew POV, which meant that Alexis Arquette would start her tenure next season as a nominee.
Day 91, The HGs eagerly await the results...

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Who should win Celebrity Big Brother 4?

Raven Symoné

Deadline: Saturday @ 8:59pm EST
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