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The Wait Is Over [Jan. 27th, 2007|09:44 pm]
Sparkle Palace
Hello everyone! Tyra Banks has returned. I played in Project Janice and came in fourth place. It was an amazing game, and I'm about to bring you another great game! The wait is officially over, and I bet you're all anxious for what's in store for you.

America's Next Top Celebrity will be a combination of Survivor, MTV's Fresh Meat, Big Brother, The Apprentice, and America's Next Top Model. Interesting? I thought so. Look behind the lj-cut for more information!!!

1. 20 players are needed to play America's Next Top Celebrity. You must play as a celebrity. Sorry, but no "real" players will be accepted for this game. If you do not want to create a separate celebrity journal for this game, you can use your real journal, but when you post in the community, you must use an icon of the celebrity you choose to play as.

2. The 20 players will be split up into 10 teams of 2. This is where MTV's Fresh Meat comes into play.

3. The 10 teams will compete in a competition, and the team that does the best in the competition will have immunity. The team that does the worst in the challenge will go into "The Mosh Pit." The team that won immunity is not eligible to be voted into the Mosh Pit. Majority of the competitions for America's Next Top Celebrity will have a clear, distinct immunity winner and last place finisher.

4. The last place team automatically goes into The Mosh Pit, where they will battle against another team. The team that the last place finishers battle against will be determined by a panel of judges. This is where America's Next Top Model comes into play. The panel of judges will be myself (Tyra Banks), Diane Henry, and Rosie O'Donnell.
a. The judges are completely unbiased and base their opinion solely on what happens in America's Next Top Celebrity, not in any other LJ games.
b. The judges will choose teams that are inactive, do poor in the challenges, and do not complete their confessionals.
c. The judges will have a group chat on AIM and deliberate on who goes to The Mosh Pit.
d. The judges do not like suck ups, so kissing ass is not going to save you from The Mosh Pit. Just stay active, participate in all the challenges, and you will be spared from The Mosh Pit.

5. Once The Mosh Pit teams are determined, a competition will be posted for just them to complete. The winner of the competition will stay in the game. The losing team packs their bags and goes home.
a. More than one team can go into The Mosh Pit. Say for example that two teams decided not to participate in the immunity challenge. Both teams would automatically go into The Mosh Pit. The judges, however, will still vote a team into The Mosh Pit.

6. After a certain amount of teams are eliminated from America's Next Top Celebrity (that number will not be revealed now :P), there will be a merge like in Survivor. The partners will be scraped, and everyone will play as individuals; however, the players will not be competing for individual immunity. The game will turn into Big Brother.
a. There will be a Head of Household (HoH) competition to determine who will be HoH for the week. The HoH will then nominate two fellow houseguests for eviction.
b. Then, there will be a PoV competition. Unlike the US Big Brother, everyone will compete in the PoV competition, and whoever wins PoV has the option to remove one of the nominees from the block. The PoV winners in America's Next Top Celebrity will determine who the replacement nominee will be.
c. After the PoV ceremony, there will be an eviction, and the houseguests will vote on which of the two nominees is evicted from the game. The HoH and nominees cannot vote.
d. The cycle continues, and another HoH competition will be up immediately following the eviction.

7. The game will start out with 20 players but dwindle down to 2. The jury/final two will work like Survivor. A jury will vote on who wins America's Next Top Celebrity, and that person will be the fiercest and best player out there!

8. Confessionals are required. Each player has to turn in 2 a week, and when you're in teams, if your partner does not turn in their confessionals, both players will be penalized. If you go to The Mosh Pit, you will have a disadvantage, so make sure to write your confessionals!

9. All competitions and twists have been predetermined, and this will be a fair, fun game.

If you have any questions, email Tyra at americasnexttopcelebrity@gmail.com or IM her at tyraisinthehouse.
The application will be posted in a few minutes!!! :)

From: captain_kina
2007-01-31 03:34 am (UTC)

Kina's House

I never got to use this icon in The Duel, but I love it.

So, to all the applicants, feel free to adopt this as your mantra! :)

♥ Good luck with the game, Tyra!
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