Tyra Banks (tyrabanksrocks) wrote in sparkle_palace,
Tyra Banks


Here is the application for America's Next Top Celebrity! The rules of the game are here. The deadline has not been determined yet, but the sooner you get it in, the sooner the game will start! :)


Location (City and State):
Real LJ Name:
Real AIM Name:
Real Yahoo Name (you will need one to play some of the challenges):
How often are you on the internet daily, and at what times?:


What celebrity will you be playing as?:

Will you create a new journal for this celebrity, or will you use your real journal (if you use your real journal, you must also use an icon of your celebrity whenever you post in the community so that everyone knows what celebrity you are playing as):

If you created a new LJ, email, and AIM screenname for this celebrity, please list them.:


Have you ever played an LJ game before (bigbrother_lj, survivorlj, games_lj, celeb_games, onlinesurvivor, etc)? If so, list the games you've played and how well you did.:

Why should you be chosen to play America's Next Top Celebrity? What makes you better than every other applicant out there?:

Are you here to win or are you here to make friends?:

What's the worst thing you'd be willing to do to win?:

Are you willing to commit at least 2 months to this game?:

THIS OR THAT ("Neither" and "both" are not an option. You MUST pick one. :D )

Big Brother or Survivor:

Peppermint or Spearmint:

Rain or Snow:

Tupac or Biggie:

Red or Blue:

Flip Flops or Sneakers:

The Harry Potter series or The Lord of the Rings series:

Nintendo's Wii or Playstation 3:

VH1 or MTV:

Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton:


Please send your applications to americasnexttopcelebrity@gmail.com. If you have any questions, you can also send an email to that same address, or you can contact Tyra via AIM (tyraisinthehouse).

Good luck, and I look forward to hearing from you!!!

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