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Sparkle Palace

...where fun and fantasy meet!

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The VH1 of LiveJournal Games

Welcome to Sparkle Place! Originally, this community was created out of the invested interest that players across LiveJournal had in playing games as celebrities. We are and will forever be the Vh1 of LJ games. However, new creative management has taken over and it opens the door for cracked out games that don't quite fit anywhere else. There are a wide variety of games that can be played here, we're not sticklers. Most of the time they're obscenely classy. But now, most imporantly, they're obscenely magical. Bring on the sunshine*~


Project Janice
Host: Janice Dickinson
Winner: Kelly Clarkson
Runner-Up: Janelle Pierzina

The Duel
Host: TJ Lavin
Male Winner: Nickolas DiVerdi
Female Winner: Kina Dean
Male Runner-Up: Austin Vaden
Female Runner-Up: Stephanie

15 Minutes
Host: Rosie O'Donnell
Winner: Justin Timberlake
Runner-Up: Kiefer Sutherland

The Inferno
Host: TJ Lavin
Winners: Bad Asses Beth Stolarzyk, CT Tamburillo, Nickolas DiVerdi, Schatar
Runner-Up: Good Guys Ewan McGregor, Jason St. Amand, Karen Golden
Eliminated: Hannah, Aneesa Fierra, Jenna

Project Janice 2: Singapore
Host: Janice Dickinson
Winner: Jes Klass
Runner-Up: Kari Jordan

Project Janice 3: Flame Wars
(Host: Janice Dickinson)
Winner: Graham Norton
Runner-Up: Blake Lewis

Project Janice 4: The Vagina Monologues
Host: Janice Dickinson
Winner: Tanisha
Runner-Up: Nikki Grahame & Lily Allen

Sunshine & Rainbows
Host: Sparkles Raul III aka Rob Roberts
The Queen of Fun (Winner): Nicolle
The Princess of Fun: Amanda
The Duchess of Fun: Robin
The Royal Court of Fun: Drew, Jason, Jenn, Kellen, Michael, Stacey, Therese, Todd